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Movie Sonic Is Faster Than Video Game Sonic

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Movie Sonic Is Faster Than Video Game Sonic

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These Two Sonics Aren't As Similar As You Think
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Making movies out of video games is never an easy task. Especially when your source material is a blue hedgehog running really fast and collecting a bunch of rings. Seriously, how do you write a movie like that? Well, for one, you get Sonic a human pal in James Marsden and a human enemy in Jim Carrey’s Doctor Robotnik. From there, you start telling a story.

But what if the story doesn’t matter? People probably aren’t coming into theatre to watch Sonic The Hedgehog expecting to have their lives changed. They’re expecting to see the furry little blur zipping around the world, using his speed for comedy and action.

The movie’s got lots and lots of source material to draw on, but a Sonic movie, made largely with CGI, presents different opportunities than a comic or a video game. Games are interactive and, despite the fact that the speedomiteres in them might say that Sonic is ripping along at thousands of miles per hour, he’s not. If he did, the games would be impossible to play. But movies are just things to watch and the filmmakers can speed up and slow down time at will. So, in the movie, how fast is Sonic? Well, today, we’ll be looking at some scenes from the movie and calculating just how speedy Sonic really is.

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