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Game Knights: Roundtable – Unsanctioned l #01 I Magic: the Gathering Commander / EDH

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Game Knights: Roundtable – Unsanctioned l #01 I Magic: the Gathering Commander / EDH

18 Просмотры

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Show Notes:

In this brand-new video series, we answer the most discussed comments, tweets and messages from YOU, the audience, in regards to the latest episode of Game Knights. What rules mistakes did we make? What went on behind the scenes? Who won the arm wrestling match at the end?!?!

Tune in and find out the answers to all of your questions!


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Our Silver-Bordered “Soft” Ban List:

Blacker Lotus
Double Play/Cross/Dip/Deal/Take
Enter the Dungeon
Mox Lotus
Once More With Feeling
Staying Power
Time Machine
Ashnod’s Coupon
R&D Secret Lair
frankie peanuts
enter the dungeon
Old fogey
richard garfield, phd
topsy turvy
yet another aether vortex
City of Ass (and all the stuff with the word ASS in it - keep it family friendly, etc)
Frankie Peanuts
Johnny, Combo Player
Pointy Finger of Doom
Sex Appeal
Mana Screw
Super Secret Tech
The Countdown Is At One
Better than One
Rules Lawyer
The Grand Calcutron

*NOTE* We also outlawed everything involving Contraptions.


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