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Creating an AVATAR Game! | Worldmap Sculpt is finished! | [Day 82] [Dreams PS4]

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Creating an AVATAR Game! | Worldmap Sculpt is finished! | [Day 82] [Dreams PS4]

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Elca Gaming is creating an Avatar Game from the Last Airbender Timeline in Dreams PS4 by Media Molecule.
I share every day of Progress with you. We try to have fluid animations, good visuals, fun Gameplay and more!

Play the actual Dream that will end up as the Game:

This is Day 82 of our Progress on the #AROTPK (Avatar - Rise of the Phoenix King).

In this video we finish up the Worldmap Sculpt with the Wan Shi Desert, Omashu, Fang's Fortress Kyoshi Island and the Swamp.

We also added some Clouds and athmospheric Effects (that are not finished yet though).

In the next days we will add the logic and Visual Style to it.

You will be able to select unlocked Levels with Appa in this 3D Worldmap. This is NO Open World, it is just a glorified Mapscreen.
You will be able to select levels manually from a Menu too if you choose to not fly to the location. All Appa Animations are Placeholders and will get proper Animations soon. The same goes for the visuals of the Map, it will have proper Lighting when we finish the details.

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Thank you so much for watching!
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